Terms and Conditions of E-Ticket Purchase

1- All the actions about the purchase of E-Tickets on the system, is subject to the Electronic Trade Law and Regulations and its violation will be pursued by law.
2- Since passengers check-in at the airport, is acceptable with rendering tickets and the national ID Cards or passports too, thus the responsibility of correct information (name, family name, national ID number, passport number, date of validity and …) is with the passengers themselves.
3- Purchasing tickets through this website is merely possible by the Iranian debit cards at the present time. Notwithstanding, avoid purchasing tickets by gift or credit cards or cards with no names and account numbers or else this site accepts no liability for the tickets refund.
3- Tickets purchased may not be transferred to other people and check-in staff will not admit passengers whose ID Cards are not matched with their tickets.
5- As to the regulations and tariffs, infants (under2years), children (under12years) and adults (above 12years) are defined. In the event of making mistakes at entering their ages and non -admittance at the airport, the responsibility is with passengers themselves.
6- The Minimum check-in time for domestic flights is 90minutes and 3 hours for international flights before departure for passengers.
7- The passenger is responsible to protect ticket number and other designated codes given by the system.
8-The passenger should have their reservation code (PNR) along with ticket number and national ID cards or passports with themselves at the airport.
9- Carriage of any dangerous goods in baggage is prohibited.
10- Holding medical clearance from the Iran Air Aero Medical Center is mandatory for the following:
- Pregnant ladies (whose pregnancy are over28weeks), passengers with cardiovascular problems, respiratory diseases, epilepsy, anemia and diabetes.
- Patients using drugs affecting the body immune system.
- Dialysis people and passengers who need help during the air travel or any conditions cause to refuse the travel.
- Patients must carry all their needed drugs with them on air travel inside their carry-on bags. Regarding carrying banned drugs they should refer to the Countries Customs Rules.
11- Passengers will be informed about purchase, refund or any flight time changes or cancellations may occur, by SMS or E-mails. Thus, the responsibility of supplying the correct mobile number and e-mail address is with the passengers themselves at booking.
12- In case of mobile number or e-mail address change, users are kindly requested to update their information on the system.
13- Charges for date or class changes and refunds are different as regards to the flight class. For more information you may refer to the page of refunds/ change terms and conditions.
14- As tickets are cancelled, the payment amount will be returned to the account (within24-72hours) in regard to banking provisions. Please contact the qbooking Online Booking Department.
15- You may contact the qbooking Sales Department as follows:
Tel: +989035679020

16- To obtain information about passengers’ baggage allowance, please refer to the refund and change terms and conditions.